Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
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The Monitor

The Spacelabs Ambulatory Blood Pressure monitor is a diagnostic tool utilized by leading nephrology centers across the country.  Recordings are initiated at specific times, as directed by a physician, and all data is stored within the monitor. The monitor is usually typically worn for 24-hours, with the monitor initiating one to four recordings per hour. Patients may choose to fill out a symptomatic diary. Any entries will be imported onto the final report.

First-Call Medical is currently a contracted service provider to many Renal Transplant Programs in the United States. For more information, please call 800-274-5399.

Ordering Process

To enroll a patient with this service, please click on ourOnce finished, click SEND NOW and the order is sent to our office electronically and securely. First-Call Medical will verify insurance, contact the patient and send a monitor directly to their home or office. Most orders are processed within an hour, and monitors arrive at the patient’s home or office within two business days

Patient Enrollment Form


The reports are located on a secure website, 24 hours a day. Physicians can review and print a patient file from any internet connection.
The website is:


Fee for Service and Insurance billing programs are available. Please contact our billing department for details. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

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