Mini Patch Monitor

The Monitor

The RX-1 mini is a patch-style remote cardiac monitor offering three ways of collecting and presenting data (auto-trigger, patient trigger and heart rate trend), to provide an unparalleled level of flexibility, customization and accuracy.

Monitor Highlights

  • Built-in Cell Modem for near real-time
    transmission of ECG data
  • Small patch device worn on chest
  • No Patient Cable!
  • One Button and Water-Tight
  • Two Channels of ECG Data
  • Unprecedented Noise Suppression
  • Long Rechargeable Battery Life
  • Up to 5 days on a single charge
  • Charges in less than an hour
  • Easy to apply
  • Only one device to charge
  • Can be worn in shower
  • High level of patient compliance and satisfaction
  • Triple Analysis
  • Best-in-Class Device Algorithm
  • Artificial Intelligence combined with Certified Cardiac Technicians analyze every beat for Final Report

Enrollment Options

  • PatchMobile Cardiac Telemetry
  • Patch Event Monitoring
  • Patch Extended Holter
  • Patch Holter + Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

Ordering Process

First-Call Medical offers two service formats that can be customized to your office’s specific needs.

Our Home-Enrollment program is our most popular service and only requires one form from your office. To enroll a patient with this service, please click on our Patient Enrollment Form. Once finished, click Submit and the order is sent to our office electronically and securely. First-Call Medical will verify insurance, contact the patient and send a monitor directly to their home or office. Most orders are processed within an hour and monitors arrive at the patient’s home within two business days.

The other service we offer is the In-Office Hookup Service which allows you to provide your patients with cardiac monitors during their appointments. First-Call Medical equipment will be left at your facility and staff will be trained on how to apply the equipment as needed. The monitors are offered at no charge to your facility.

Patient Enrollment Form


We offer a secure website for report access, 24 hours a day. Physicians can review and print a patient file from any internet connection. The files are editable (ordering physicians can enter their interpretations and e-sign) and can be saved to your personal computer or network. EMR integration is available to send orders and receive reports! The website is:


Fee for Service and Insurance billing programs are available. If you have a question with regard to a patient’s insurance, please call our billing department and we will perform a quick authorization check. There are no other hidden fees or charges.

To order monitors for
your practice or medical
facility, please call
1-800-274-5399picture of five in one monitor with a ruler for scale. monitor is about three inches by three inches and the adhesive pads are about an inch and a half by an inch and a half.
Patch Monitor patient instructions
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